Off-grid solar wind hybrid system

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    In areas with adequate wind power, wind turbines can be considered as the supplementary 

    to combine together with solar panels, using the online complementary between solar and 

    wind energy to improve the stability of power supply system.

    When there are both solar and wind energy, solar and wind energy is prefered to 

    power the loads and work online as complementary . when both energies are inadequate, 

    the battery will power the loads when necessary, thus, not only prolonging the battery lifespan, 

    but also reducing the costs of battery maintenance and replacement . 


    Besides the factors concerned for independent solar systems,the local average wind speed 

    and wind distribution should be taken into consideration when designing solar-wind hybrid power supply systems.

    The disadvantage for wind power system is that the reliability of mechanical equipment is not good and maintenance cost is high.


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