Solar charged power bank

  • Size:124*78*26mm

  • Input:DC5V/1000mA(Max)          Output1:DC 5V/2100mA(Max)

  • Output2:DC 5V/1000mA(Max)    Operating tmperature:-20℃~60


    • Superstar Compatibility,Refer to the ISO code for design of USB 5V output. Compatible with 99%digital Products.

    • Five Security protecion(CHarge control,charge and discharge protection,overload protection,short cicuit protection)In order to ensure product safety&Life extension.

    • Strong compatibility,High performance-price ratio,anytime,anytime,anywhere supply charing for the iphone mobile phone ,PSP,MP3.MP4,tables,digital cameras and other portable digital products .

    • This product with small size ,ezquisite fashion design &iuxurious and generous ,Excellence workmanship,stylish and elegant,portable powerbank function 

    • The LED lights display,you can accurately grasp the product quantity


    • Connect the charger and device with the connector and USB cable.

    • In order to improduct life cycle ,when the power less than 20%,you must charge power for product on time .

    • Check the cable is correctly before using ,Keeping electricity adequeacy 

    • Using the product for the first time apperas battery is not full,it is normal Feel at ease


Product Overview: PS Helical Rotor Solar Pump Systems

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