All-in-one solar road light

All-in-one solar LED light, which integrates all necessary 

components within one housing body


    1.All components of the item are in one housing

    2.Easy installation.No wiring necessary.Just position where you want it

    3.Light output is automatically regulated via an infra-red motion sensor

    Lux levels are set at 30% of maximum to conserve stored power

    When movement is detected, light output switches to 100%

    This feature prolongs the operating time of the light

    while allowing for the light to be brighter when needed


    1.Waterproof design ensures the long life span and suitable for all environment application

    2.Industrial-level self-contained solar LED beads

    3.Best solar panel from top 10 suppliers

    4.No special maintenance and servicing for up to 5 years


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